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Apprenticeship Program

75% of construction companies nationwide are having trouble finding qualified workers

Our Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program is a paid, 4-year training program that provides apprentices on-the-job, professional training to become ironworkers. The program is “earn as you learn,” so you’ll get paid for your work at competitive industry standards. By the end of the Apprenticeship Program, you’ll have a thorough understanding of rigging, welding, surveying, site-safety, and all the skills needed for an ironworker to work and manage a job site.

Benefits: Not only will you get to begin your career immediately, but you’ll be paid for it, too. Our “earn as you learn” mantra makes it possible for you to receive training, work, and earn money to support yourself simultaneously. Each year in our apprenticeship program, your hourly salary will increase. Being an apprentice in our union also makes you eligible for fringe benefits that professional union ironworkers already receive. And, you’ll get to see the final product of your work—right in front of your eyes.

Is Ironworking for You?


Do you like to be able to see the work you've done at the end of the day?

Is Ironworking for You?


Do you take pride in providing quality work that meets demanding standards?

Is Ironworking for You?


Do you like to work as part of a team?

Is Ironworking for You?


Do you like to work outdoors?

Is Ironworking for You?


Are you willing to do physically demanding work that requires you to use your mind?

Is Ironworking for You?


Do you want to get paid to learn and work? 

Is Ironworking for You?


Do you enjoy new challenges?

The average cost of a bachelor’s degree at a university is $127,000

1st Year Apprentice (65% of Journeyman Rate)$18.800 to 1350 hours worked

2nd Year Apprentice (75% of Journeyman Rate)$21.691350 to 2700 hours worked

3rd Year Apprentice (85% of Journeyman Rate)$24.582700 to 4050 hours worked

4th Year Apprentice (95% of Journeyman Rate)$27.474050 to 5400 hours worked


Minimum age of 18 years.

High school diploma, G.E.D., or equivalent as specified by the local training committee.

Good physical condition - The materials used for ironworking are heavy and bulky so above average physical strength is necessary.

Agility and a good sense of balance are also required.

Drug and alcohol free.

Must meet requirements as set out in applicable citizenship laws.

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